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This Makes It All Worthwhile

September 17, 2013

Tags: Short Leash Reviews, Online readers

The period right after you publish your first book is a wild ride. Nothing you have done in the years of building a story word after word can prepare you for the job of getting those words out into the world. Authors are now marketers. And it's a fierce market. So many books. So many things you have to do to get yours in someone's hands.

Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle.

And then, you google your name and discover something like this. The sun parts through the clouds and you say, it's all worth it. I did what I set out to do: to tell my story and hope it resonates with others.

From the Amazon site:

"This book is a gem on so many levels! I've never read such a beautifully written account of self-reflection, gratitude and healing. The author's bravery is beyond commendable. I just completed my first reading today and my copy is already marked up, highlighted and annotated. Janice has inspired me to reconnect with my love of writing and my desire to heal. This book will remain by my side like a great teacher."

This is why I write.

If you read Short Leash and like it, I hope you post a comment and share your thoughts with me and others on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. It means a lot - not just to me, but to others who might be thinking of reading it. The fearsome God Amazon likes to be fed. And as a writer, I suppose I do, too.