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Body Talk: A Yoga and Writing Workshop with Jenny Otto and Janice Gary-- only two spaces left!

September 11, 2016

Tags: Yoga and writing, Key West, Body Talk Workshop

Are you ready to discover the stories locked deep inside you? Join me and master yoga therapy teacher Jenny Otto in beautiful Key West January 25th-28th for a rare opportunity to tap into the stories held in our muscle, tissue and bones.

Our body is a physical record of our thoughts, feelings and way of being in the world. There is so much wisdom to be gained and potential for transformation to occur - when we listen to this faithful companion and embody its story on the page.

The stories we are talking about here have been accumulated over a lifetime, relegated to the somatic unconscious where they manifest as disease, discomfort and unhealthy physical habits. The way we walk, the way we hold ourselves, our very way of being in the world is all written on the page of our body. Yet most of this story remains a mystery, unspoken and unarticulated, waiting for us honor it.

Workshop participants will partake in the delicious adventure of marrying body, mind and spirit (more…)