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A Conversation with Patti Smith on Writing, Art, Dancing Barefoot and the Power to wrestle the earth from fools

October 15, 2016

Tags: Patti Smith, People Have the Power, Making art

Patti Smith
Last Wednesday, I sat in on a conversation with Patti Smith - Saint, Poet, Goofball, Punk Priestess, and one of the most unpretentious, authentically themselves people I have ever encountered. This was more evident than ever in a casual, two-person chat on the stage at the Lincoln Theater in Washington, DC. last week with Seth Hurwitz, the indie promoter who pioneered bringing in alternative bands to DC in the 1980’s and became a force to be reckoned with - starting the 9:30 Club and then IMP Productions.
At first, I wondered why Seth? I was disappointed that a more literary or musical person wasn’t in the chair opposite her. But he was fine, and Patti’s choice of him became clear. Think of Seth as a local, anti-corporate (i.e. Clear-Channel/I Heart Radio) bringer of joy and music to the people. I think that’s why Patti liked and trusted him so much. You could feel their long and comfortable friendship, their mutual admiration.
And of course, I think almost anyone could sit there with Patti and wonderful things would be brought forth. She’s just Patti, in the moment Patti, honest and humble and yet fully all of who she is- an artist, a mother, an “old girl” on the edge of seventy, a woman still so in love with her beloved Fred Smith, and in love with life, with the world.
She still believes in possibility. Maybe all artists do. (more…)