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Sit Up. Stand Up.

November 10, 2016

Tags: Writing the Body

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Right now, in the wake of a painful national election, this body of mine is struggling: a headache that won't go away A dull ache in the center of my being. Physical and emotional affects that refuse to be ignored. And because soon I will be helping others find ways to articulate the stories our body holds, I have to pay attention.

In January, I'll be teaching a workshop on the hidden stories of the body, working with Jenny Otto, my yoga teacher and friend who is a brilliant body worker. Every discomfort, every dysfunction of the body is a mystery to be unlocked to her. She is a body detective, a tracking the paths muscles and nerves and bones take, unraveling old patterns and structural quirks to reveal blocks and the true source of pain.

My part in this “Body Talk” workshop will be to help others give voice to the body, to make conscious those life habits and thoughts that we carry in our bones. We will be cartographers of this flesh and blood map of our lives, attempting to understand better how our experiences – our thoughts, beliefs, hopes, despair, love, losses, delights- are embodied in this body of ours, our most constant and faithful companion. (more…)